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data science and artificial intelligence in agriculture - IIPSeries - Conferences & Edited Books
Publication Type: Edited Book


Book Name: Futuristic Trends in Agriculture Engineering & Food Sciences Volume 3 Book 7
Authors: Huseyin Turgut
Keywords: data science, agriculture, artificial intelligence,agriculture sector, data analysis
Area/Stream:Basic Biology, Agriculture & Food Science / Agricultural Engineering / Other
Published in: IIP Series
Volume:3, Month:May,Year:2024
Page No.332-360


Data helps agriculture survive and handle food security, climate change, and resource management. It analyzes FDI, evaluates climate change, and promotes smart farming. Data analysis helps develop food security strategies and identify areas for improvement. Big data analytics can revolutionize agriculture by improving resource allocation and farming. By using accurate data, stakeholders may make educated decisions, create successful strategies, and boost agricultural productivity and sustainability. Big data, including weather stations, satellite images, soil sensors, and agricultural monitoring systems, provides vital information about crop health, soil conditions, and weather patterns. This data can optimize irrigation schedules, guide fertilization and irrigation adjustments, and target treatments. However, data quality, compatibility, privacy, security, and specialist skills and infrastructure remain issues. Responsible and ethical use of agricultural data requires strong data governance systems. Digital technologies like sensors, drones, robotics, blockchain, and 5G are changing agriculture. These technologies improve agricultural efficiency, production, and sustainability. Drones, 5G wireless networks, and blockchain technology have enhanced agricultural monitoring, pest management, and precision agriculture. Deep learning, a modern image processing and data analysis approach, has increased crop productivity and reduced agricultural challenges. Digital agriculture with AI has greatly enhanced operations and decision-making. AI algorithms improve efficiency and effectiveness across the agricultural value chain through smart farming and precision agriculture.

Cite this: Huseyin Turgut,"DATA SCIENCE AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN AGRICULTURE ", Futuristic Trends in Agriculture Engineering & Food Sciences Volume 3 Book 7,IIP Series, Volume 3, May, 2024, Page no.332-360, e-ISBN: 978-93-5747-830-4, DOI/Link:
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